For over thirty years Mick has entertained audiences of all ages and sizes. Around the world he has been interviewed by radio stations and podcasts and has been featured in many newspaper and magazine articles. 

  Over the years Mick has been the featured guest at many Parkinson's research fund raisers, and to date has helped to raise over a million dollars to help speed a cure instead of the next best medicine.   

  Currently, Mick resides in Arizona with his wife Zada and continues to write and record while waiting for one of their kids to produce grandchildren.



Mick Beaman

  Composer, Musician, Vocal Acrobat, Songwriter, Parkinson's Disease research advocate. Current memberships include Sound Drop Music Dist., CD Baby, BMI, SoundScan and SoundExchange.
  All of Mick's music is available for streaming and purchase in all major digital markets.

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New releases now available in all iTunes, Deezer Music,  Apple Music, Amazon,  and Google digital download sites world wide!

  Since being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 2001, Mick devotes much of his time to raising awareness for Parkinson’s research and donates proceeds from his performances to those organizations which are committed to speeding a cure for all those affected by Parkinson's.​

Mick Beaman

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